Commit 423aafe8 authored by Bernhard Geier's avatar Bernhard Geier
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monitoring: add "icinga" host and playbook for monitoring servers

parent 6e744d1c
server_besitzer: "geierb"
user: freifunk
pw: freifunk
- hosts: monitoring
remote_user: root
- { role: hostname, tags: "hostname"}
- { role: common, tags: "common"}
- { role: motd, tags: "motd"}
- { role: unattended_upgrades, tags: "unattended_upgrades"}
- { role: nrpe, tags: "nrpe"}
- { role: icingaserver_ffin, tags: "icingaserver_ffin"}
- { role: icinga_ffin, tags: "icinga_ffin"}
- { role: pause, tags: "pause"}
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