Commit 6040dda2 authored by Bernhard Geier's avatar Bernhard Geier

remove spaces around show title

parent 9c6da098
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ my $result=JSON->new()->utf8->decode($browser->content());
foreach (@{$result->{'hits'}}) {
my $data=JSON->new()->utf8->decode($browser->content());
my $title=$data->{'title'};
my ($title)=$data->{'title'}=~/^\s*(.+?)\s*$/;
next unless $title=~/$SENDUNG/i; # Filter out results not containing the query string in the title
my $broadcastDate=POSIX::strftime("%Y-%m-%d",localtime($data->{'start'}/1000));
my $description=$removeHtml->parse(($data->{'description'}) or $broadcastDate);
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