1. 30 Sep, 2021 1 commit
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      add support for MUC · 8c1067bf
      Bernhard Geier authored
      Receiver JID can be a normal user account or a MUC JID.
      Nickname for MUC is by default the sender's user name (first part of JID
      before the domain), but can overriden by setting a "nick" variable in xmppnotify.cfg.
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  7. 13 Aug, 2019 1 commit
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      Quote/Cite output/comment texts · c7e90313
      Christian Tacke authored
      The output of some plugins (and probably some notification
      comments) can be multi line. Prefixing only the first by
      "Info: " isn't optimal.
      Some xmpp clients (notably Conversations) display lines
      prefixed by "> " (like in mails) as quotes/citations.
      This gives a much better display.
  8. 12 Aug, 2019 2 commits
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      Small test tool for messages. · 2e50a135
      Christian Tacke authored
      This small tool calls the argument parser with nearly all
      possible/needed arguments and shows the resulting message.
      This helped a lot in improving messages.
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      Refactor argument parser building · 3e47689d
      Christian Tacke authored
      In order to allow easier testing of the argument parser,
      refactor its setup into a function. Now we can
      "from xmppnotify import build_argparser" and use it.
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  10. 10 Aug, 2019 2 commits
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      Message: Strip spaces, shorten Refs · 63aaf931
      Christian Tacke authored
      Most xmpp clients display messages using a variable width
      font. Aligning stuff using spaces doesn't work there.
      On mobile clients spaces even add to the message's display
      size without adding useful content.
      So strip spaces!
      {hostname} and {servicename} are the technical/config
      names. Get them together on one line and call them "Ref:".
      They're references to the config, really.
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      Add notification type to message, little cleanup · 424d00e1
      Christian Tacke authored
      icinga2 has a "notification type". This is usually
      "PROBLEM" or "RECOVERY".
      Changed the first line of the message to be like the
      Subject of the common notification mails. Especially having
      the notification type at the beginning is great for reading
      messages on the go ("RECOVERY? Don't even need to read the
      remainder NOW").
      Basicly removed the "*** monitoring" line. The only
      relevant information in it was the monitoringhost.
      I could argue that admins probably don't really need that
      info at all (the affected host(displayname) should be more
      unique, really), but nevertheless re-added the monitoring
      host at the end in a smaller line for now.
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      Update README.md · 7948ef2a
      Christian Tacke authored
      * Move the copy for commands*.conf to the other copy
      * Reformat the copy instructions a litte.
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